Growth & Responsibility - Record of WINROBS & Staff Appreciation Meeting


        On September 13, in order to thank all the employees of WINROBS for their hard work in 2020, a staff appreciation meeting with the theme of "growth & responsibility" was held. The general manager and relatives of the company, all employees and their families attended the meeting.

        With the soft music and the host's happy opening, the thank you meeting officially opened. First of all, Eric, the general manager, delivered a speech, expressing his sincere thanks to the hard work of the employees in 2020.

        Feng Xiangwang, a new employee this year, expressed his gratitude to the company, the company and his colleagues for their love and help.

        This thank-you meeting is not only a synonym for thanks and gratitude, but also a great gathering for employees to get together. Colleagues from all over the country are rarely seen in weekdays, but they are able to have a good time drinking and laughing at the thank you meeting.

        There is also a lottery link in the thank-you meeting. There are one first prize, three second prize and five third prize. All the prizes are endowed with different meanings: the first prize is "innovation", which wishes us continuous innovation in WINROBS; the second prize "learning" means that everyone works hard and the company develops steadily; the third prize "health" means the health of all employees.

        In 2020, wind and rain together to create brilliance

        It is a year of spring and autumn, and a year of youth, deducing the legend of friendship. The helmsman of the company has formed such a diligent and dedicated harmonious family with persistence and dream. Generations of WINROBS people have surrounded such a beautiful back garden of struggle and innovation with unity and friendship.

        Thank you for your company all the way.

        Thank you all the way.