In the "Industry 4.0" era, without a strong manufacturing foundation, how can intelligent manufacturing come


        With the development of Industry 4.0, the concepts of industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing and smart factory are emerging. However, in essence, the goal of the manufacturing industry is to use advanced technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet to transform the manufacturing industry into a competitive core with customized experience and innovative delivery.

        China's economic development is inseparable from the application of advanced technology while China's economy relies on high technology to drive further growth, we should pay attention to the basis of its application. Because the implementation of intelligent manufacturing, smart factory, industrial interconnection and Internet of things is inseparable from the data accumulation and wide range application of manufacturing industry.

        In recent years, China's Internet platform and service-oriented economy are booming, which provides a huge opportunity and valuable channel for building a unified domestic market, reactivating redundant production capacity and market sinking.

        In addition, the Internet has played an important role in the optimization of production processes and the upgrading of manufacturing services.

        However, we should also be clear that if we want to give full play to the doubling effect of the Internet platform and service-oriented economy, we can not do without a strong manufacturing foundation. First of all, the consumption using Internet platform cannot be separated from the employment created by manufacturing industry, and the employment opportunities and profit creation provided by the Internet platform can not form an internal circulation of self support. On the other hand, the level of data information, process optimization and marketing platform from the Internet still depends on the level of manufacturing industry.

        The Industry 4.0 era will change the application of the whole production technology. The whole production system will be more intelligent and information-based, and more closely connected with each other. Different components can communicate with each other, work faster and react more quickly.

        For example, the industrial Internet and the Internet of things have sprung up in recent years. Only the Internet has no industry, or only the Internet can see the Internet and nothing. Therefore, it is difficult to implement the industrial Internet or the Internet of things. The combination and capability transformation of these two ends, that is, the close cooperation between IT end and OT end, is a great test for a country's industrial system.


        Why is it that China is in the critical period of manufacturing transformation and upgrading?

        At present, China's manufacturing industry is in the critical stage of transformation and upgrading. There are a lot of traditional manufacturing industry internal computerization and networking have not yet been completed. Both the intelligent upgrading of equipment and the collaboration between IT and OT end have not been carried out on a large scale. Even some enterprises introducing intelligent devices are only in the primary application stage. Many related enterprises are still in the low-end link in the division of production. Most of these enterprises are satisfied with the status quo, and the desire of intelligent transformation is not strong enough. Therefore, intelligent manufacturing based on industrial Internet and cloud computing in China's manufacturing industry is still in its infancy.

        From this point of view, the difficulties and challenges faced by the manufacturing industry, especially those of private enterprises, should arouse people's high vigilance. The decline of private enterprises' manufacturing profits and the shrinking of investment mean that we may miss a key node of transformation and upgrading around intelligent manufacturing.

        If a large number of manufacturing industries are not in the front line of the market and have a sensitive grasp of market demand, they will not be able to achieve sustainable profits and investment. If they do not continuously update and upgrade intelligent production equipment, then intelligent manufacturing can only be on paper, and the industrial Internet is out of the question.

        The process of digital transformation is continuous, not achieved overnight, and it is also happening all the time. The transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, in fact, is to make themselves efficient, and each production stage can be interconnected, so as to achieve a good production environment for sustainable development.

        Manufacturing and the Internet are integrated and inseparable

        With the advancement of Internet of things, artificial intelligence, 5g, cloud computing and other high-tech, Internet information technology and traditional manufacturing industry can be more deeply integrated, which can promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, and improve the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises.

        Manufacturing industry is the foundation of a country and an important part of a country's economic system. A manufacturing industry without creativity and adaptability can not keep pace with the times and develop a strong national economy. It is difficult to maintain real sustainable innovation, let alone assume the leading role in the global innovation field.

        For the traditional manufacturing industry, it is a wise choice to actively adapt to the Internet, big data and other advanced technologies to enhance their creativity. If the integration and application of traditional manufacturing industry and advanced technology and science and technology are achieved to the extreme, China's economy will burst into greater potential.